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The county total operating budget in the last three years has risen dramatically from $318.3 million to $367.0 million this year.  That $48.7 million increase is a 15% rise since 2013.  The total additional expenditures above the 2013 budget will be over $93 million  by the end of this fiscal year.   

The county general fund expenses have grown 22% in the last three years from $127.2 million to $154.8 million this year for an increase of $27.6 million.  The increases have been 4.59%, 7.04% and a proposed 8.73% for this upcoming year. 

According to county statistics, the population growth has risen less than 2,000 in the last three years.  The economy has been flat during the same time frame.    

I would like to slow this rapid rate of spending by the county government.  The budget growth exceeds the population growth for the same time frame.

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