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  • Plan to address population growth without raising real estate taxes

  • Voted and advocated for lower tax rates

  • Successfully advocated for hiring staff for fire & rescue personnel to reduce response times

  • Successfully advocated for monetary assistance for volunteer fire stations for fuel and insurance costs

  • Saved the taxpayer $7 million on building new Aylor Middle School

  • Supported Millbrook High School Extension which met over capacity concerns while saving taxpayers $80 million

  • Supported James Wood and Indian Hollow renovations

  • Advocated for education budget transparency

  • Advocated for accountability on budgeted spending versus actual spending

  • Advocated for categorial funding to implement school maintenance, teacher salaries, and purchase of new school buses

  • Advocated for joint meetings with School Board to collectively work on issues

  • Opposed to funding of Deep Equity (CRT) training

  • Advocated for purchases of sheriff cars / school buses

  • Supported certain rezoning issues to allow business growth


  • Working with EDA to find Food Lion replacement store

  • Supported St. Paul’s on The Hill senior affordable housing project 

  • Obtained funding to make Frederick Heights Park usable

  • Kept Greenwood Recycle center open and driveway paved

  • Obtained funding and support for Abrams Creek Trail

  • Removed traffic barriers and dumpsters on Morning Glory Drive

  • Improved safety with 25 mph traffic sign in Brookland Heights

  • Supported Izaak Walton shotgun range Conditional Use Permit

  • Worked to reduce Winchester water rates in Red Bud

  • Saved historic 18th century Clowser House from demolition 




We need an alternative to increased real estate taxes. Frederick Couty is one of the fastest growing counties in Virginia. The major issue is how to fund that growth. Many residents moving into Frederick County were paying between $5,500 to $15,000 in real estate taxes elsewhere. For them, increasing taxes by $2,000 to $3,000 or more is still a lower tax rate than from whence they came. At the same time, current residents would not be faced with increase county costs if those newer residents had not relocated here. I am an advocate for new residents paying their capital costs and/or finding alternative revenue sources other than real estate taxes. I also am open to a discussion on transfer taxes as an alternative.


Fire and rescue personnel and sheriff deputies provide services we all need when an emergency occurs. I have worked to help provide the staff necessary to meet our needs including money to help fund the volunteer fire fuel and insurance costs and to provide additional paid staff to cut the emergency response time. As the county grows, we will need to continue to provide the staff to keep us safe.


I support categorical funding of school budget so that teacher, staff, and bus driver salaries can be funded, school maintenance projects completed to keep schools in good condition, and 13 new school buses can be purchased each year. The School Board

has refused to provide taxpayers with accountability of how taxpayer money is spent. The budget available to the public does not allow the taxpayer to get into the details of school expenditures. Taxpayers are entitled to know how their money is being spent. I also strongly advocated for a joint Board of Supervisor and School Board meeting so we could work together to listen to each other’s concerns on budgets and how to improve our schools. . 


I proposed, and the Board agreed, that the radio towers for the new 911 radio system be strong enough to support the equipment to broadcast internet signals. When the new 911 system is completed, we should have significant increased

internet coverage in the county.



  • Held several Town Hall meetings to get citizen input on policy issues

  • Met with many constituents to solve problems & listen to concerns

  • Represented citizen input at multiple hearings with Virginia Legislature on proffers, impact fees, and roads.


  • Advocated for Yearly Sheriff Vehicle Replacement

  • Supported Hiring Additional Deputies to meet Public Safety Concerns

  • Advocated for volunteer Firefighters to have fuel/insurance costs paid by the county 

  • Advocated for additional Fire & Rescue staff to cut emergency response time


  • Recommended that new 911 towers be strong enough to support the equipment to broadcast broadband signals 


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